St. Louis Blues Meets My Little Pony

Updated: September 12, 2013

My friends, let me tell you what an amazing world we live in. We live in a world where a hilariously adorable St. Louis Blues themed My Little Pony parody is a thing that actually exists. What a time to be alive, indeed.

As you see above, Pony Halak (Jaroslav Halak), Oshicorn (TJ Oshie), Backasus (David Backes) are just chilling out while Lapierresus (Maxim Lapierre) is flying in from Canada. Positively precious!

But who could have created such a delightful thing that you quite honestly never knew you needed in your life until right this very second, you ask? Why that would be Ali Lawrence, resident artist and mastermind behind the blog My Little Blackhawk. The whole thing started with the surfacing of a photo of Patrick Kane wearing a unicorn mask post Stanley Cup win. From there, Uni-Kane and My Little Blackhawk as a whole was born. While the blog mostly consists of ponified Blackhawks, Wednesdays are designated “Across the League” days where ponies from the 29 other teams are featured.

To join in on the hilarity, you can visit My Little Blackhawk on tumblr or follow Ali on twitter.

And always remember friends, hockey truly is magic.


Featured image is courtesy of My Little Blackhawk/tumblr.

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