Henrik Lundqvist, King Chirper?

Updated: January 8, 2013

I never would’ve thought your twitter account would become my favorite NYR twitter account. (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

Yesterday morning, fifteen of the “varsity” Rangers (as Jim Cerny put it) took to the MSG training center ice for an informal practice in preparation for training camp. I’m not going to rehash everything that was said or done as I’m sure everyone has seen all the quotes by now. If not, check out here for videos and here or here for quotes. (The quotes come from two posts on the same site. And no those aren’t the only sites but those are the two I check most frequently for news.)

My favorite bit of news out of yesterday? Torts saying he missed the team. We did too, coach.

Later in the afternoon, after the smiles of seeing and hearing about the boys being back on the ice had begun to fade, our favorite goaltender gave us another reason to smile. How did he do that? By taking to his twitter account to have this conversation with a fellow NHL player more known for his tweeting than on ice abilities.

It started harmlessly as Henrik Lundqvist tweeted about what he needed to do to be prepared for the season:

Oh “the right way”…next he’ll be talking about the “process” they need to go through and “jam” the team plays with. But I digress.

Nothing crazy about that tweet, right? Well Phoenix Coyotes’ fighter, and well-known tweeter, Paul Bissonnette decided to ask Henrik a question when he saw that:

Haha! I’m sure not seeing Bissonnette is exactly what Lundqvist is thinking about. It took less than 30 minutes for the King to come back with the tweet of the year:

Absolutely awesome! I don’t know what the boys are doing to our goalie but I absolutely love the fact that he just chirped the king of chirping. I mean that was just incredible and the last thing I would expect from our perfect goalie.

Bissonnette agreed by replying with:

That’s basically all he could say cause Lundqvist got him.

Everyone has their reasons for coming back to the game after the lockout, whether it be their love of the sport or an attachment to a certain player. For me, it things like this that always pull me back in. Their personalities just put a smile on my face. Yes I’ve missed seeing them scoring goals, blocking shots and making ridiculous saves but if I’m being honest, this right here is what I’ve missed most the past three months.

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