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Stephanni and I worked long and hard discussing what would make a great banner for "Chattin' Bout Jackets". The first draft included the coffee mug and a picture of player's jerseys. Players come and go. Some leave us with rosy memories. Some leave us with a bad taste in our mouth. So I nixed the jersey idea. I decided to take the history route. I thought of the two people who show what the Columbus Blue Jackets are all about. We took out the players jerseys and added two wonderful people to the banner. Then Kat came along and redesigned our banners. I was so in love with the original one that I fought hard to keep it. Then I started seeing Kat's hard work for the other sites and gave her a challenge. If she could include the two most important people in team history on the banner I would use it. She exceeded my expectations. On the right of the banner is John H. McConnell, aka Mr. Mac. He helped bring professional hockey to Columbus. Mr. Mac always believed that you should treat others as you want to be treated. A great man with a great heart. On the left side of the banner is Ryan Salmons. A Jackets fan who battled cancer. In 2009, the Jackets signed him to a one day contract. For one day he was #3 for the Columbus Blue Jackets. On May 1st,2009 Ryan lost his battle with cancer. This site is dedicated to both Mr. Mac and Ryan Salmons.

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