An Easter Egg Hunt With Tom Larrow

Updated: August 25, 2013
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The past four years when people are asked what their favorite part of Cannonfest is they usually say, “Tom Larrow’s fan videos”. I’d have to disagree. Tom Larrow’s videos are my second favorite part of Cannonfest. My favorite part of Cannonfest is what happens in the days following. Tom will provide commentary on the videos he put together. We call them “easter eggs”. This was the first year I was able to watch them unfold live. I always enjoy it when Tom allows us to enter into his beautifully creative mind. Instead of making all of you sift through his tweets to find them I’ve included them below.

The first video up to bat is  “A Tribute to George Matthews“. Having lived in Northeast Ohio and not getting to watch Jackets games; I understand the joys of having someone as great as George Matthews call Blue Jackets games. This video gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. I’m going to miss George Matthews calling games this season. Jody Shelley has big shoes to fill.

On to the commentary:

  • Music is “Bock” by Columbus band “American Dog”.
  • 00:02 That’s my basement. My lovely wife set up the little CBJ display. Much of that was in the “Who I Am” video. The THXMMC license plate was give to me at last year’s Cannonfest by a CBJ fan. His wife told me of his passing last season. Was a big George Matthew’s fan. Feel pretty special to be able to include it
  • 00:06 Yes, I almost missed the power button, I’m not meant to be on camera.
  • 00:07 Had to fade the sound out quickly after the click, son was upstairs watching Cars, and you could hear it. Volume was turned down all the way 97.1 is static in Cleveland, but knew those in CBus would appreciate it.
  • 00:17 Music originally started when the game footage started, but worked so much better at 00:20 with the goal horn
  • 00:34 Just loved so many of George’s calls, was extra work to find the clip in radio feed, and match, but worth it
  • 00:39 So many of the other clips were ultra exciting. love that this is just a lower, powerful “Scores”. also love the “peek-a-boo” nature of the 5 hole appearing as the goalie tries to cover the post.
  • 00:45 Jimmy Howard’s jock goes
    <——- That way
  • 00:49 All the audio is just trying to catch “George-isms” All are from the last game, even though the video isn’t
  • 00:57 for instance, the “Rapier with the Rawhide” was a Chris Mason save… Works better with Bob ;)
  • 01:00 I never did fully know what a “Shoulder Shake” was despite years of listening to George, hope I guessed right.
  • 01:02 Gretchen couldn’t stop laughing the first time she saw this clip and the “Dance at Center Ice”
  • 01:09 I want so badly to trim this, just feels like it is up there way too long, but George keeps describing it. and that’s George…
  • 01:16 Foligno and Umberger on the ice 01:17 Nikitin magically appears to their left
  • 01:17 wanted to show the players rushing off the bench, but they took a while to get into camera shot.
  • 01:25 Twirl The Twine came from another game, but otherwise, all from the last game again.
  • 01:38  Originally this was the first clip in the video for a long time, but was so exciting, I couldn’t build up from it. also it was Gaborik ‘s first goal with the CBJ
  • 01:43 I love that George can’t finish his sentence, and instead switches into “Scoooooores” mode. That’s George.
  • 01:47 Silence here because George was taking a bit of artistic license with where the puck was. wasn’t at center ice
  • 1:50 All sorts of editing necessary to keep this “Scores” inside the limits of the audio compressor.
  • 01:53 I love the “is not impressed” look of the Shark fans

    Sharks fan is not impressed (Picture taken from Tom Larrow’s twitter”

  • 02:01 Wish I had a better view of this save, because if I remember from the game it was blocked by a player.
  • 02:04 Debated not including this simply because of the mispronunciation of Bob’s name but it captures the excitement
  • 02:13 Still one of the most exciting and hopeful empty net goals ever…
  • 02:16 Again, love that George is so excited he calls the win early, it’s what we all felt in the arena that game
  • 2:20 The song at this point went into another song on the CD, I extended the guitar lick, and faded it out.
  • 02:28 …and now I want some Chili…
  • 02:31 Made the audio sound like it was coming from the radio by messing with the EQ and dropping the highs and lows
  • 02:38 Thank you George Matthews!
  • 02:40 when the video faded out at Cannonfest there was a hushed silence before the place went nuts, just cool.

I dare you to try and tell me that you didn’t get a little misty eyed after watching that video.


The second and final video from Cannonfest is one entitled “Who”. Tom explained that there were times when he had to miss games. The question he asked himself every morning was “Who showed up last night? Who was the play maker?”
I must say Tom did a great job collecting the best moments of the current Columbus Blue Jackets.


  • Song is “Save The World” by the Swedish House Mafia. I edited it so the 2nd verse plays first.
  • Special, big thanks to Nick Johnson for all he’s done to play good music for all of us, and help me pick video music
  • 00:03 “We’re far from home” Bob lost under Bridgestone Arena. Walked in from left, past that pole, and turned around
  • 00:07 Jack Johnson at home opener on right, and final game left. Pretty good dream if you ask me
  • 00:11 “On our way, united” had a walk in shot here for the longest time, but Tytutin getting mobbed after win=United
  • 00:17 Playing with effects for the audio hit. Had a lot more planned, but didn’t have the time.
  • 00:20 Only clip in this or the George Matthews video which is also in my “Never Outworked” video.
  • 00:24 I LOVE the bench reaction, but all my eyes see is this
  • 00:32 Could have found a better save here, but I’m an old school fool for the double pad stack. Cool angle for it
  • 00:37 and yes Bob is stretching, hence the facial expressions…
  • 00:43 Tried all sorts of clips here of the fans cheering, but liked what it said about both the fans and Brandon Dubinsky
  • 00:48 The whole goal was awesome, and I wanted to use it, but the spin and hug worked so well here.
  • 00:56 Wanted to show that “save the world” was more than just goalie save, (and that’s a darn good play)
  • 01:03 Audio clips from JD’s hiring, JK’s hiring, and interview after the 1st practice. Tried to make them make sense
  • 01:17 It’s a simple thing, but I love the way James Wisnewski is throwing snow touching up for this icing.
  • 01:24 Wish I had cut this a little different to see more of the punch Anisimov throws at the end.
  • 01:33 Had a different effect planned for this, Wish I had time to attempt it to see if it came out.
  • 01:44 Love Skille’s primal scream which you can hear after he scores the goal.
  • 01:50 Mad props to the cameraman, Know how hard it is for that shot to be as smooth of a transition as it is.
  • 01:58 Had a hard time with this. Wanted to show the goal and the fight, but took to long to get back to the fight. the fades to white were my wife’s idea, and the worked perfectly when synced with the music.
  • 02:06 Love being able to show this split screen for this, and George’s call just sells it.
  • 02:27 love the Fox Sports Ohio slowmo for clips like this. Now we just need to turn that tech on Dancing Kevin”s belly
  • 02:31 Elvis in a CBJ jersey in the top left of this shot…
  • 02:33 Just love the way James Wisnewski ‘s hair flies around in this fight
  • 02:35 Just like being able to show the puck about to enter the net like that.
  • 02:24 Waiting on my beer truck from Lebatt Blue any day now…
  • 02:46 One of my favorite clips, and the second one to go in the video. Just an awesome play
  • 02:52 Love that Foligno stands up right in the line of the camera so you can see the musical question be answered
  • 02:56 Again showing the theme of the video, you never knew who it would be each night who would be the hero.
  • 03:04 So much joy and passion in that hug.
  • 03:10 More of a bad shot by Eberly, but when you slow it down this much you can see the effort Bob makes to get there
  • 03:21 This clip wasn’t in here until I heard George’s version of the game winning call.
  • 03:26 You can hear the in rink announcer announcing an Avs goal. Coming back like this is another theme of the vid
  • 03:30 and I love hearing RJ Umberger and the other CBJ players on on the ice scream in celebration after the goal.
  • 03:44 Slowed down for dramatic effect, and because Brassard and Moore were the next guys on the pile.
  • 03:46 After “Who I am” didn’t want to leave the fans out, but this video was more about the team. Clip is backwards
  • 03:50 Anisimov had a lot of more skillful goals this season, but I loved the way he playfully checks the cameraman.just showed this team having fun and working together. Didn’t have clips like that in previous years.
  • 03:59 couldn’t leave out James Wisniewski’s cannon from the point.
  • 04:03 That call by George… This is the same celebration as was at 00:29
  • 04:09 Hard to get Jeff Rimer ‘s call at the right volume here following George, but love the Jackets Win call
  • 04:17 Tried to slow it down enough that you could see Tim Erixon’s poke check here, hope it worked
  • 04:20 Here because of the fans arms blocking the camera. You can see the goal “bringing the fans back to life”
  • 04:27 So much excitement, so much passion, such an awesome shot.
  • 04:32 “I will”
  • 04:36 “that’s right, I will”
  • 04:47 look what Jay Onrait started…
  • 04:52 Pumped in extra crowd noise here, so you could hear Foligno say “I love you buddy” but not other “excitements”

Wow I’m pumped for the season now! Is it October yet?

Hey Blue Jackets ! Can you go ahead and give him a job already?


*If you have twitter I highly recommend following Tom at @skraut_ . I promise he won’t disappoint. *
Also, the picture used as the featured picture is a screenshot taken of Tom’s video “Who”.

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